Local SEO Services

If you are a business that offers products or services locally, you need to show up locally on geo-targeted searches.

Sites without web pages can show up on Google local organic listings and you need to know how. Everything is different with local search, so make sure you hire someone that knows local.

Local SEO - How to get the most out of local search results

Local SEO has a strategy all to itself. You have to use keywords that describe your product or service, and keywords that describe you geographic location, and you must rank for both. We can help!

We build a process that will help you rank locally, while giving you a great foundation to expand to other trading areas as you grow.

I specialize in Delaware SEO and San Diego SEO.

Local SEO is particularly difficult as you have two competing concepts. Your product or service, and your service area. I've worked in local SEO for many years and I know how to target both without compromise.

The great thing about my approach is that growing past your local area is easier as we build good foundations using only white hat SEO practices so that your site will have strong SEO, and not the type that spikes your rankings for a month and then drops back down.

I have worked with many companies targeting county, city and State, and I can help you rank in your business area also.

Give me a call and let's discuss what you want from your website.