Knowing what to expect, takes most of any uncertainty out of a new process. So here is a list and timeline of what you can expect from me, and what I will be expecting from you.

Communication is key so please feel comfortable with asking questions and clarifying what we are doing as we are working through these processes.

Site Evaluation

I'll put your website on the workbench that will look for broken links, bad HTML structure, duplicate content and more. As that is chucking along, I will do on-page analysis and keyword research. This will produce a very detailed report that will outline every optimizing opportunity on your site, including per page on-page report cards giving you easy to understand A-F grades and what exactly can be done to correct any miss-opportunities. From this point, you can hand this report to your web-admin to make changes.

SEO on page report card

Website Alterations

If you don't have a web-admin, I can certainly make the necessary alterations for you. I can alter your existing site or build you a brand new one.


This is where we work in tandem as we'll need to set up or modify listings throughout the web and you will need the ability to access them again.

Link Building

Once your site is optimized, it is important to build quality in-bound links. Having the right links is just as important as having any links so particular time is spent finding the links that will best suit your site.

Monthly SEO Services

Your site is off to a great start, and you should see improvements in the rankings already. To keep that momentum strong, I offer a monthly SEO service. With this seo service, I will, on a weekly basis, pull reports and analyst results. Usually the first 60 days will see some keyword tweaking as we review the Google Analytics reports and see what keywords are actually entering the pages.

Monthly I will provide a report to you of your current rankings, inbound keywords and on-page report cards. These will be used to determine next steps and what adjustments need to be made.

I will also continue to research link building opportunities as this is very important. One SEO expert put it this way "If content is the bank, links are it's currency".