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We are with you 100% of the way. I provide personal, hands-on service with reliable and truthful consulting.

I do business the old-fashioned way, honestly and ethically. To me, it's just the best way to do business.

Site Evaluation

First step is a full site evaluation. I need to analyze every aspect of every page of your site. This is a very in-depth and exhaustive review of your site. Upon completion we deliver to you a 10+ page PDF of our results. 1 page for each page of your site with that page being graded so you can see visually what needs to change, and then I list out each change.

Keyword Research

After interviewing you, I take those keywords and I research how often the are being searched for, as well as finding alternative keywords we can use. I will then review these keywords with you again and come up with a list that we will use on your site.

Competitive Research

It is important to know what your competitors are doing and why they are ranking higher than you. This usually reveals some great opportunities that will help kick-start your site. You do not want to do exactly what they are doing, but you can harvest successful trends in their marketing strategy and apply them to yours.

Citation and Reputation Management

Once you have all your on-page elements completed, I turn my attention to off-page for a while. I look at reputation management, and citations to make sure the information about your company is what you want to communicate. Sites that have been around a long time have many other sites mentioning you (site sites, like business directories will harvest your information for their site) so it is imperative that this information is accurate and up to date.

Link Building

Everyone who looks into SEO or marketing their site quickly hears about link-building and that you must do this. Well that is true, but how you do it is even more important. Having spammy sites link to you can get your site penalized, while having the right links can get your site to the top quickly. I'll go over the dos and don'ts in detail with you.

Website Design, Development, and Alterations

You may already have a web admin that maintains your site, and if you do, my report will clearly spell out what (s)he needs to do to optimize the site. However, if you do not, I also am a web developer and can make all the needed changes for you.